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Promise Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by a motion vote of the MCCFO Senate on February 5, 2010, to provide tuition assistance for the dependents of faculty members who have died while in service to the college. A $5,000 transfer from the MCCFO
Scholarship Fund to the MCCFO Promise Scholarship Fund was voted upon and approved at the MCCFO meeting on 2/5/10 as referenced above.

Awarding of scholarships will be based on criteria stipulated in the MCCFO employment contract under Tuition Waiver. “The Board shall continue to provide teachers and their
dependents with a waiver of tuition for all credit classes taken at Macomb Community College, but not registration and course related fees.”

It will be the responsibility of the MCCFO Senate to notify possible recipients of their eligibility and the application process necessary to qualify for the scholarship.

The President of MCCFO will review applications, determine award amount, and notify
recipient and financial aid of award.

Linda Jenuwine

Wellness, Health & Exercise Science Faculty

Career Summary

I just recently completed 15 years of full-time teaching at MCC.  I also taught part-time prior to becoming full-time faculty.

Before coming to MCC, I was a Health Educator for the Macomb County Health Department. I was the coordinator for PEP, Peer Education Program, in charge of the CPR Program for county employees, worked in various health screenings doing blood pressures, cholesterol, body fat and educational exits, was a premarital instructor and did various presentations (seat belt safety, sexually transmitted diseases, smoking cessation) in the grade schools and work places throughout Macomb County. I also worked in Environmental Health at the Macomb County Health Department doing inspections on restaurant, public day cares and public swimming pools.

Other responsibilities while at MCC

I wrote two Innovative Grants this past year. The first one I wrote was a health fair, “Fall into Fitness”. Macomb Community College students conducted a Health Fair. Students within the WHES courses conducted several body assessment tests such as: height and weight measurements, body fat testing, grip strength and demonstrated various exercises with and without the use of equipment, as well as demonstrated the Hemilich manuver. Students within the Medical Assisting Program  conducted blood pressure testing. The students within the IT Program assisted in fitness applications by answering questions about the various programs and explained how to download them on the various technology apparatuses. The Veterinary Technician students demonstrated CPR on a dog and cat. The Macomb County Health Department’s Health Education staff provided the education and testing on blood sugar levels, as well as providing health information and information on programs available through the Health Department. It was a one day event.

The second grant was “Painting Physically”. Students enrolled in an advanced art class painted silhouettes of people engaging in physical activity, in addition to health/wellness related words on several of the various blank walls throughout the halls, in F-building, on Center Campus. The ultimate goal was to promote and motivate students to engage in physical activity, as well as increase their interest in art. In addition, it allows students to have a stake in the continuing development of Macomb Community College, by displaying their artistic ability on the foundation of the college campus.   As a result, it has allowed students, staff, faculty and the community to view, admire and embrace the talents of our students for many years to come.

Lou Aquino

Special Services Counselor

Career Summary

I am a Counselor in the Special Services area of the Counseling and Academic Advising office.  I work with students with disabilities, students who place into developmental courses on the MCC placement test, and students from other countries who have not yet mastered the English language.  I provide assistance to students from application through graduation. I help students understand how to navigate our online catalog, registration system, how to read and understand program plans and transfer plans, and how to make informed career decisions.  The majority of my job involves helping students with disabilities receive accommodations for their classes.  I evaluate the documentation that students provide and determine what types of accommodations are warranted.  I provide Accommodation letters that students give to their instructors to inform them of the accommodations that they are eligible to receive.

The busiest time in my job is during the summer, when many teaching faculty are not on-campus.  We work with a large number of incoming high school students during the summer months.  Students are coming in for Starting at Macomb sessions, taking the placement test, and meeting with us to plan courses for the fall semester. During the summer we also meet with current students to plan classes for their next semester or discuss transferring to a university.

I have worked as a full-time faculty member since 2010, and worked for 2 years prior as an adjunct faculty.  Before coming to Macomb Community College, I worked for 10 years for the State of Michigan as a Rehabilitation Counselor, assisting people with disabilities in finding employment.


Other responsibilities while at MCC

I have been a member of the New Student Orientation team since it began in 2011.  In this role I have attempted to make the New Student Orientation experience more accessible to students with disabilities.  I currently serve on the MCC Institutional Review Board, which is responsible for reviewing and approving research studies that our faculty want to conduct.  I also served for 2 years on the MCC Financial Aid appeals committee where we made decisions about students’ eligibility for financial aid based on documentation that they provided.

I have had several opportunities to present breakout sessions at FDD and IDD to provide faculty and staff with information about the Special Services department, the students that we serve, and how we can be a resource for them when working with students with disabilities.

MCCFO Annual Scholarships Awarded

Scholarship awardees

MCCFO has awarded annual scholarships to Macomb students nominated by faculty members. The faculty scholarship program has been in place for 39 years and is primarily funded by donations from faculty, although friends and family have contributed in the memory of faculty members. To date, MCCFO has awarded 179 scholarships.

To be eligible for one of the scholarships, students must attend Macomb full time, have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours and maintained a 3.5 grade point average.

MCCFO is proud to fund two scholarships funds, the MCCFO Memorial and Promise Scholarships. The Memorial Scholarship was founded to honor the following MCCFO faculty who have passed away: Andy Drotar and Lloyd Raskin.

Additionally, the Promise Scholarship was created to help the children of active faculty members who have passed.

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