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Cal Goosen

Welcome to the Macomb Community College Faculty Organization (MCCFO) website. My name is Cal Goossen; I have been a full-time Professor of English at South Campus since January 2000. As President of MCCFO since January 2018, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our organization and to outline the ways in which it serves the College, its students, and the community.

MCCFO is a diverse union of teaching professionals from business, industry, science, technology, and the arts, working together through shared governance to ensure student success and to provide for the many services necessary to promote the growth and prosperity of our community.

And, of course, MCCFO faculty teach all of the courses, and the great majority of the individual classes, that comprise those degrees and certificates.

Don't Forget to Vote for MCC Board of Trustees!

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MCCFO proudly and enthusiastically endorses

  • Vincent Viviano
  • Shelley Vitale

for the position of Macomb Community College Board of Trustees.


Shared Governance

Through the College’s standards, curriculum, and professional practices committees, MCCFO faculty facilitate the articulation and transferability of the College’s degrees and courses to other institutions of higher learning, and recommend new courses and programs from proposals developed by faculty as well as review existing ones for continuation.

Community Growth

MCCFO faculty improve communication between the faculties of secondary, two, and four-year institutions, participate in numerous local charities and service organizations in support of the Martin Luther King Day of Service, promote relationships with area businesses through apprentice and internship programs, and develop requirements for all the degrees and certificates awarded by the College that prepare students to serve the many needs of the community.

Student Success

MCCFO faculty recommend policies for the admission, retention, and attendance of students, support the in-service training and continuing professional development of faculty to advance high-quality higher education, assure fairness in the issuance of student grades, and fund and award a number of scholarships for full- as well as part-time students of the College. For a complete list of the scholarships we offer, click here.

Our Sponsored Scholarships

Each year, our faculty organization awards a number of scholarship for Macomb students
Scholarship awardees

The Andy Drotar and Lloyd Raskin Award for Academic Achievement

Each year the MCCFO Memorial Scholarship Committee considers applications for six MCCFO Scholarships. Four of these awards are for full-time students. These awards are funded by MCCFO and given regularly on an annual basis.


Promise Scholarship

This Promise Scholarship fund was established by a motion vote of the MCCFO Senate in 2010 to provide tuition assistance for the dependents of faculty members who have died while in service to the college.  The scholarship committee identifies the scholarship winners each year.

A Diverse Group of Educators

Our Faculty bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.  Faculty are equipped with Master's, Doctorate, industry experience, and advanced certifications.   They demonstrate a passion for teaching and learning as a commitment to furthering the success of Macomb Community College.

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